How To Make Money With Youtube?

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This is the million-dollar question that needs to be answered since on day 1 on the internet youtube has been the premiere legit source of money-earning online due to its nature, being a video that real people watch, like and comment. So according to Stefan – Youtube Monetization Strategist, as one of Youtube officials they feel a need for real people quality viewers so they set the standards first. The requirements for monetization of your youtube channel is this: 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months, and 1,000 subscribers to begin with. You can apply now if you don’t meet yet these standards set by Youtube, and you will receive an email if you are ready qualified to apply as Youtube Partner Program. Besides the ads that will be placed inside your videos and youtube premium membership that are watching your youtube videos , you will also earn additional income other revenue streams namely Super Chat and Premium Channel Membership.

After you’re eligible to apply your application will be reviewed by youtube personally against their terms of services and if everything looks alright you can be approved. This additional revenue streams depends on your area eligibility or availability and if they are available in your country. Also additional income is you can sell your own merchandise and see the approved merchant website that you can link from. You may also tap into brand deals meaning you deal with manufacturer of these brands for their merchandise to have a link on your videos and you feature them in your shows on youtube videos. Once a Premium Youtube members watch your videos the ads will be removed from it but the earnings coming from this type of youtube member will be distributed among Youtube creators and is based on how many videos they’ve watched from you channel.

The key here is keep on building great contents for videos and focus on increasing your subscribers and video views. Even in videos, the content is king. Performing live is the key before a real live audience. Also the setup of your own studio, the lighting, the voice, the camera, the microphone plays a great deal in getting lots of viewership, subscribers and likes/comments.

Here are some common questions that Stefan have answered:

1. When will my channel be reviewed?

For example your channel already qualifies for Youtube Partner Program (Y.P.P.) but it hasn’t been reviewed yet, so if you request a review, wait for about a month before it’s approved or rejected. You will be able to find this status of acceptance on the Monetization section of your Youtube Studio.

2. What if my channel isn’t approved?

You can still re-apply again after 30 days. So if you’re serious about this with serious income then it’s high time to become a Youtube superstar, target that as your goal. Before you re-apply, Stefan suggests that you review the links to video policies and read it thoroughly and go back to your videos and review them with youtube video policies and community guidelines in mind.

These videos are free on the creator academy, I suggest that you watch them as well even if you’re not interested in becoming a Youtube Partner in making videos. For me, this is one legit business online and offline since you have to setup your own studio where you will keep shooting for lifetime. For me, this could be your lifetime business.

Let’s now see the Youtube ads according to Sameera, Youtube Product Specialist.

For those who are passionate to become their own star in their own rights, this is for you so you will know how youtube ads works inside your videos before you become and be serious in applying as Youtube Partner creating videos everyday for life.

Remember that the youtube ads has three major key players namely: the creators who create the videos because it’s their passion and another for them to earn income, Advertisers who displays their ads inside your youtube video if you are a creator so that it will gain leads and sales from real human beings, and the third is the viewers who watch your videos because they are excited and really like the videos they watched and have no idea or might have an idea or conscious with the two keyplayers: the advertisers and the creators of this youtube videos.

As a viewer, you want youtube to be the place where you watch high-quality, enjoyable, enticing and entertaining video contents. As a creator, of coure you want youtube to be the optimal video platform to upload and display your video content that contains your passion within every videos, your self as the youtube superstar and of course as video monetization platform where you can earn good money continually and in a consistent manner. As an advertiser, you want to reach good quality audience in a safe environment where these people like the videos in a way to gauge the interests of the viewers and display appropriate ads for their products and services, for leads purposes or for even a sale purposes.

These three key players inside youtube work at the same time in the background. As a creator, you build your audience because of your high quality videos uploaded on youtube. Ad an advertiser, you buy ads from youtube to reach their targeted audience in a safe video platform for accuracy and precision of leads and sales. As a viewer, they watched videos on youtube seeing relevant ads inside a video. These playing key roles all at same time and in harmony with each other, the resulting action is you as video creator gets paid.

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