Five Top Websites to Sell Your Car

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If you are thinking about selling your used car, you are probably thinking that if you trade it in for a new car, you are going to lose a lot of value if you do so because the dealer you trade it in to is offering you a price that will allow them to make the most profit. If you sell to the average individual buyer, that person is looking to buy it and use it for themselves without a profit motive involved.

Trading in your car might be the easiest way to get rid of your old car, but today there are plenty of online options to sell your car easily and be able to sell it for a competitive price. No longer are the days where you would put a classified ad in the local newspaper and hope someone around your neighborhood will see it. So here we go with five of the best websites to list your car for sale.

  • CraigslistCraigslist is a tried and true method that is similar to putting a classified ad in your local newspaper except it reaches people all over the country including your local area. According to Alexa, Craigslist is ranked the 19th most visited site in the USA. One benefit that this site has over some others is that listing your vehicle for sale is free.
  • Facebook Marketplace LocalSimilar to Craigslist, Facebook allows you a similar space to sell any of your goods including your car and is another widely seen website. You can set your local area. Also, just about every locality in the US has what’s called a Buy/Sell/Trade group in their area. Just do a search of your town in the search bar to find one that is local to you. An advantage to using Facebook is that you can scope out who your prospective buyer is before that come to your house.
  • Autotrader has been around a long time and you have probably seen their free booklets on the supermarket racks in the past. Today it is also online. They offer a money back guarantee for a $60 listing fee or you can go with the normal $20 fee with no guarantee.
  • Cars.comThis website is syndicated with over 175 newspapers across the country and listings are also displayed on Yahoo Autos. Listings are free for 30 days and if you cough up $40, they will throw in a free CarFax report and list your vehicle for 150 days.
  • CarGurusCarGurus is supposedly the most visited site in the US where people go to window shop for cars, so by listing it there, you will get a lot of visibility. But with lots of visibility, you will also have a lot of competition. It costs nothing to list but will cost you $99 when you sell.

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