EvenAds Review – Is really The highest paying Pop-under Advertisement Network?

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What is EvenAds.com
EvenAds.com is a Pop-under Advertisement Network that helps you generate real cash from your website.

Users just have to sign up using email, there one just have to provide his/her full name, country of residence, username, email and password for EvenAds account. There is only one sign-up for both advertisers and publishers.

Network provides Popunder ad formats on CPM method of advertising. The Network has its own in-house optimization, advert delivery, ad server and use Real-time bidding method. Real-time stats & reports are instantly updated on users’ dashboard.

Advertisers are provided advanced targets, smart detection against any possible fraud, HQ and real human traffic. Network promises Safe & secure ads, all ads are monitored 24/7 for this and manually re-checked every hour to avoid any error.

Network keeps checking up-to-date solution for Ad block software, while monitoring the ads, it keeps that all ads pass the ad blocks to provide satisfaction results for both advertiser and publisher.

Support from this network remain active for 24/7 with friendly approach, all issues are resolves while they are monitoring, be that is about the ads, or any other system based problem.

Network use CPM model to generate revenue, publisher earn for all 1k impressions; this network also accepts global traffic, this helps publishers to generate revenue from all traffic sources; ad-block passing help from the network makes publishers to monetize 100% of their web traffic. Publishers earn their commission in RevShare method, and the network claims to share 90% of the net advert revenue with publishers; this is highest in comparing to any other advertising network.

CONAdvert networks cannot run without agreements and full reports; Terms of Service, FAQ, and Privacy policy are not mentioned in the platform, which are very essential.

Only Popunder ads are available, other ad formats like Banner, Video, Native ads and different pop ads like Pop-in or Pop-up are missing from the network.

Only CPM model is accepted in this network, other popular campaign types like CPC/ CPL/ CPA etc are not available. This might not attract such advertisers and publishers who like doing such campaign / performance.


Multiple payment gateways: – This network offers multiple options for payment, Payment processors accepted by network are PayPal, WebMoney, Skrill, Payoneer; Cryptocurrency accepted by network are Bitcoin, Ehtereum, Tether. Network is open to other option on request.

Low and Fast Payouts: – Low minimum withdraw of $10 is offered in this network, publishers are paid on manual request, network guarantees payment in 30 minutes of Request.

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