Epidemic Sound Review: SCAM or LEGIT?

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Epidemic Sound was founded in 2009 by Peer Astrom, Jan Zachrisson, Hialmar Winbladh, David Stenmarck, and Oscar Hoglund. The founders of Epidemic Sound decided to create this company for people who compose music and also people who use music to create their own videos or just to listen to for pleasure. The site is a subscription site that you must join in order to download the music from the site. The company has over 25K of high-quality soundtracks that are available for unlimited or license uses. If you are an upcoming artist and need a way to create your new soundtracks this is an excellent site to join to do just that.

So What Does Epidemic Sound Do?

Composers: If you’re a composer and write music the company will buy this from you and pay you for your work. When you are paid for your work the company can now use this n their site and offer it to anyone who wants to pay the license fees or download the track for them to listen to at home. You are paid upfront for the music you’ve produced.

Online: The music the company buys from the different artists is put online in their music library. It is now available to thousands of professional editors that are interested in your work.

Media Channels: Once the editor has completed the editing process the song is now ready for production and can be heard and broadcasted.

The Editor: If you’re an editor it is easy to select any of the tunes in the catalog to use. This gives you access to thousands of songs that can be edited and used to make or create some great entertainment.

Start A 30-Day Trial with Epidemic Sound

If you have a YouTube creator subscription and it is your first subscription for YouTube, the company offers you a free 30-day trial. This way you can try out their services which will allow you to download as many tracks as you wish during this trial period. However, when the trial period is over, you no longer have the rights to use this music unless you create an account on the site and pay a monthly or yearly subscription to the company.

If you sign up for the free trial period you are allowed to create as many videos as you wish and use the music from the site. When the trial ends the copyright claims are cleared and not in effect. The site says they will clear these claims forever. When you sign up for a free trial it will start when your payment method is entered in your account. You must supply your credit card information to the site when signing up for the free trial.

If you want to use the music on this site, you’ll need to purchase a subscription or license to use this music. The site won’t provide any SFX for free. Before you can use any of the music on the site, you must have a subscription or license in order to do this.

Earn Money with Epidemic Sound

As a composer, you can earn money from Epidemic Sound. If you compose different soundtracks the company is interested in purchasing your music from you. What is excellent about this site is the fact you are paid upfront for your soundtrack. There is no need to worry if anyone uses this or not. The company will pay you for your work and post the music on their site.

The music that you sell the company can be used on different streaming platforms, if this happens, the company will give you an additional payment for your soundtrack. The will split the revenues with you for as long as your music is being used on a streaming platform. The company is always looking for new talent and they are interested in purchasing all different types of music from different composers.


The site has many different career opportunities that you can apply for. They are always looking for new people to join their team. Just go to the site and check out the different jobs that are available with this company.

Has anyone ever tried this site before?

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