Cointiply Review: SCAM or PAYING?

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Cointiply is a cryptocurrency faucet with multiple ways to earn Bitcoin.
First you need to register. Click on Register in the upper-right and enter your details.
Make sure to use your main email address because you will receive a verification email!
After verification you can login.

The system works with coins. 100 coins is 1 cent.
You can withdraw to Faucethub in Bitcoin. (Minimum withdrawal 35.000 coins)
Or to your Dogecoin wallet. (Minimum withdrawal 50.000 coins)

There are a couple different ways to earn on Cointiply.

1. Faucet

Simply click on the “roll and win” button and you can win free coins.
There is a chance you can roll the jackpot and win 100.000 coins.
Rolling 99.999 is a very small chance but you are always guaranteed some earnings no matter what number you roll.

2. Videos

You can earn coins by watching videos. 

There are two ways to watch videos.
The first way is to watch through AdscendMedia. This is only available in some countries. This one earns you 51 coins for every three advertisements viewed.
The second way is available worldwide. You get 8 coins per advertisement, and you can use this one 24/7.
Make sure to keep the video tab open in an active window (visible on your screen).

3. Surveys and testing apps.

The third option is very rewarding if there are enough surveys are available. 
You can answer surveys for a lot of coins, or download apps on your mobile phone for more earnings. These apps can be simple file managers, or games. 
There is also two PTC walls available.

4. Multiplier

If you are feeling lucky you can try to play the multiplier game.
This is betting with your own coins, so remember to not play if you are do not want to loose your coins!

You can also deposit your own Bitcoin if you are feeling extra lucky.

5. PTC Ads

One of the easiest ways to earn some extra coins is the PTC ads.
You can find the button on top of your dashboard. You can watch ads here for a short time and in return you will get some coins. Make sure to check back daily because most reset every day so you can earn a lot from watching ads for a few minutes.

6. Games

Play simple games in your webbrowser and get paid in coins.
When you launch the game the activity bar will fill up and you will get credited when it is full. Every time the activity bar fills up you get 35 coins.

7. Friends.

If you want you can invite friends to get 25% extra earnings on top of their earning on the site
The invite program works pretty simple. If your friend gets 100 coins deposited to their account from the faucet game, the site will also send you 25 coins.
This can be good earner if you have a way to promote.
Banners are available for download on the website.

What are your experiences with the website?

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