Coinlend Review: SCAM or LEGIT?

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Are you looking for a platform to get a loan online then is your best bet. Coinlend is a platform that gives loans to people that can work with their criteria and also get returns on behalf of their users and investors. This platform uses an automated system to give investors a good source of income.

So to join this site as an investor one must be a member of poloniexbitfinex, liquid or cobinhood then you enter your API credential at the site. The site bot will process all new loans and give each good interest rate so as to provide returns to investors or users.

Creating an account on

Go to

Create an account and enter the API credentials for poloniex or bitfinex on the account page

Complete your registration

The bot will check your account through your API credential on all connected platforms and a new loan will be created and necessary interest for all the supported coin of the site.

Types of accounts on the coinlend

The platform runs three types of account which you have the choice to choose. There are:

Basic account: Features are

Lending of all coins and fiat currencies

No service charge, it free

There’s is privacy and has security features too

One has access to the coinlend mobile app and good customer support

Premium account features

Lending of coins and fiat currencies

Access to the coinlend mobile app and security features

3% of generated interest

Access to extended coin setting

Prioritize bot pooling rate and tax report

Business account


Lending of coins and fiat currencies

5% of the generated interest

Customer support within 12 hours

Monitory of individual performance

Access to coinlend mobile app and security features.

Deposit amount and money accepted on this platform

The money you can start this service with is $50 and the e-currencies accepted here are bitcoin, ethereum, clams, factom, stellar and dogecoin

Loan duration

The minimum days for loan at poloniex and Bitfinex are 2 days while the maximum duration is 30 and 60 days respectively. This duration sometimes is given by the lender but coinlend can still prolong it. But for liquid, it has unlimited time meaning it will be active till the loan is paid off.

So if you are a crypto enthusiast or a person that wants to make more money, then this service is for you. The service is free but if you need extra lending strategies and faster polling then don’t to get either a premium or business account on the site but remember terms and conditions apply.

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