Canadian Bitcoins Review – Scam Or Paying?

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Canadianbitcoins is a website where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many more cryptocurrencies with $CAD (Canadian Dollars). This website is more than 7 years old, and seems to be operating from Canada. It is run by the Lightbox Technologies Inc organization.

How To Use CanadianBitcoins

Buying Bitcoins Or Other Coins With $CAD
You create an account first, and verify your account.
Then click on the Buy/Sell link to go to the page where you can buy or sell coins and type in how much $CAD you want to buy Bitcoins or any other crypto currencies with, and also provide other information required from you on that page.

Select the method you want to pay with and then they will mail you instructions on how to proceed in your email.
The instruction should guide you in making your payment. 
They will deposit Bitcoin or any crypto that you wanted to buy in your wallet address when they receive your payment.

They work on Monday – Friday

Selling Bitcoins Or Other Coins For $CAD
In this same way as in buying, click on the Buy/Sell link on top left menu on the website. Then type in how much of bitcoin or other coins you will like to trade.

Chose your method of payment, then fill out the form completely entering all requested information.
Then click on the continue button, then click confirmation button and you will see a wallet address where you can send the the coins you want to sell. 

Of course you will receive the corresponding wallet address according to what type of coins you chose to sell.
So when they receive your crypto coins you sent to them, they will send you the equivalent $CAD (Canadian Dollars) to your wallet.

Remember that they only work on Mondays – Fridays.
They also have a toll free line for you to contact the with in case you have issues: Phone (Toll Free): 855-834-4589 ext. 11

Is Canadian Bitcoins Scam Or Paying?
According to scamadviser they have a trust score rating of 100% and have been around for more than 7 years. This is a good plus sign. 
However, being around for over 7 years, and their alexa ranking is still at 600k, that is not great for me at all. 
There’s traffic coming to the website for the length of time they have been around, they should have been more popular in my opinion.
On Bittrust they have a 2.45 star rating from 22 reviews. It seems that there is a lot of mixed feelings there.
However according to the website is legit and seems to have started way back when bitcoin was still $10 cost, and has never had issues with their user. 

Scambitcoin also indicates that the website is registered under the name of James Grant and location is Ottawa.
My Conclusion
I think they are legit. However, this is just my personal opinion. In other words I am saying, that I will give it a try if I wanted to buy Bitcoin with CAD. It looks pretty decent. However, I will follow the golden rule. Try first with what you can afford to lose to see how it goes first. Then go big later, if all works out well.

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