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What Is

BitLuck is a mining platform for bitcoins where they sell computing power to you as a block (usually done by the world), but in this, it’s done as a team, while you make money by increasing bitcoin, compared to buying bitcoins, you hope the exchange rate will be on your favour by increasing it, but here you actually mine or produce your own bitcoin in blocks impossible for an individual to do, but here you get the computing power you wanted to mine those blocks, and you contribute to the growth in the value of bitcoins and enables you potentially to grow your multiple increases in final income. It also mines bitcoins using cloud technology, so it’s much faster than regular remotely hosted mining host.

Company Behind

The company behind this bitcoin mining platform is Bluck Kft. located physically at Szigetszentmiklós, ÁTI-Sziget Ipari Park 12, Hungary, 2310. They accept payments like namely: bitcoins, Paypal, VISA, Swift, and AdvCash.

Technical Specifications

They got their domain name registered in May of 2010 as an organization using their company name from GoDaddy, LLC., and currently protected from DDOS (Denial Of Services) attacks courtesy of Cloud Flare, Inc. They are most probably hosting a legacy software to do the bitcoins mining that’s why my advice here is they should have used Amazon for the legacy software hosting so the company is covered with NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) not like what GoDaddy cheap hosting has to offer them.

Making Money

You can make money by purchasing a bitcoin mining contract and by referral. The referral program of BitLuck offers you a share of 10% on your referrals’ contract cost. They accept traffic from your own website and from social media. So you can earn twice from them by getting interested in your bitcoins because you are producing it and also via your referral’s mining efforts. You either do one of them or both to make money faster. As a referral, you may generate various sizes of banners to aid and help you refer more, and they are the following sizes namely: 160 x 600 pixels, 250 x 250 pixels, 300 pixels x 250 pixels, and 728 pixels x 90 pixels. If you can’t afford the prices of the bitcoin mining contracts yet, then earn by referring people who are eager to mine bitcoins via the cloud, then with your earnings, you may purchase your bitcoin mining contract, as my advice to you. But it looks profitable to me to do both that is: mine and refer people. Mining bitcoins to other are still in trend because of up and down rates of bitcoins, they are all the more excited to get in and get a share of bitcoins, but since faucet claiming, bitcoin paid to click ads, buying bitcoins are swamped by users, so bitcoin mining is the real deal when it comes to increasing bitcoins and contributing to the environment, technology of and growth in the value of bitcoins.

Mining Plans

They offer 50TH/S ( Tera Hashes per Second) from prices ranging from U.S.$678 to U.S.$1,228 within durations ranging from 150 (one hundred fifty) days to Unlimited respectively. They have various plans that might be suited to your budget, and these are the following, namely: 150 days, 240 days, 360 days, and unlimited. They have support for the following, and they are namely: Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram and Twitter. When you have your mining contract, you may choose to do any of the following on them, namely: activated, complete, or even cancel based on your knowledge of the earning capacity and you may choose to activate a new contract again. You need to provide your bitcoin address so your earnings will be automatically deposited into it. You can also view how much in real-time your referrals are earning you with their chosen bitcoin mining contracts.



– It’s free to register and get your own account.

– You need to purchase a bitcoin mining contract to be profitable without referring to anyone.

– You can also just refer people who want to mine bitcoin and become profitable as well.


– Nothing yet at the time of this review.

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