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We’re are not talking about the metal finishing on your vehicle or other material, 🙂 We’re talking about Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is currently the most popular web browser used online. You may argue about that, but at least on my website, Google Chrome is the most used web browser from my visitors. Here is the proof below. I actually took a screenshot from my back end to prove it.

Notice the light grey colored area on the right side of the chart, that shows how many of my visitors actually use Google Chrome compared to other browsers.

Of course Google Chrome was made by Google. The number one search engine website. I suppose this has a lot to do with why Google Chrome is so popular too.

What I like About Google Chrome
Before we go into the alternatives of Google Chrome. Here is one very good thing about Google Chrome. You don’t have to type to use the google search engine. Instead the Google Chrome browser url bar is automatically connected to a google search engine.

So if you type anything that is not a domain name there, it automatically searches for it on Google search engine. But if you type a domain name, it goes to the website. That is double functionality here and I actually found this very helpful.

The Google Chrome Webstore

Google Chrome has a web store. The Google Chrome web store is full of many useful extensions. I have a couple installed myself. You can create a google chrome extension for you website in 2 minutes or 20 minutes depending on the complexity or functions you want to include and method you use. 

This extension will stand like an icon on your visitors browser when they install it.

This way every time your visitors are browsing with Google Chrome, your website is sitting there right in front of them and only takes them a click to visit your website.

I consider this feature way better than bookmarking. 

Here are some useful chrome extensions on my browser.

Alternatives To Google Chrome
There are some great alternatives to Google Chrome. The best alternative in my opinion are Mozilla FireFox, and Brave Browser

Mozilla FireFox

FireFox was actually my number one favorite browser before I got used to google chrome. However, when I found out later that google chrome was the most used and most recommended browser, I tried to switch over. It was not easy getting used to it, but now, I can hardly go back to FireFox or leave google chrome.

Having said that, FireFox is a great alternative to google chrome. It is one of the fastest web browsers, and also has many extensions you can install to make things easier for you while browsing just like in Google chrome.

FireFox is actually an open source web browser. 

Brave Browser

This one is the next thing popping. Actually if I was to leave Google chrome and go back to my old browser, I will chose to try Brave Browser instead of going back to FireFox. Why?

This Browser called Brave Browser pays you just for browsing. Not only that it pays its users, It also pays website owners, video creators, and basically anyone who has an online business, publishes content and gets visitors. As long as your visitors browse your website with brave browser, you will get paid in BAT Tokens (BAT = Basic Attention)

1 Bat token is currently worth $0.29 almost 30 cents as I am writing this, and this currency is set to grow up more in future. 

It is actually a cryptocurrency, which is very volatile in nature. Do not be surprised to wake up the next day to see 1 BAT token worth about $100 or more. Similar stuffs happen all the time with crypto currencies. 

Currently Brave gives away $500,000 worth of BAT to its users every month. This is not even included in the monthly payment given to publishers. 

Why Is Brave Browser Paying Publishers?
There could be lots of other reasons behind this, but one that I know of is to combat the ad blocking strategy used by browsers to deny publishers their payment. You see, most publishers who have websites, earn revenue on their websites by displaying adverts alongside their content to the users. 

Because the content they produce is free, they have to find a way to get rewarded for that, so they can keep producing more content. But today we have ad blockers that users can install to stop ads from showing while they view content. This does not help the websites owners at all.

Some website owners or publishers even go to the extent of pleading with the users to disable their ad blockers so that they can earn something to keep producing content. Some publishers extremely lock up content if they detect an ad blocker in your browser and then they will tell you to disable that if you want to view the content. 

However, Brave Browser has come to make all these things easier. It is clear that they would not be supporting installation of any ad blocker on their browser. Therefore publishers who have their visitors using brave browser, can now earn in two ways.

  1. Through brave rewards in bath tokens while their readers browse their website with brave browser, and
  2. Through displaying ads too, which presumably is supported by brave browser

These are the best alternatives to Google chrome for me. There are other browsers that still exist like Safari, Opera, Internet explorer (comes with windows OS) and more.

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