Adplexity Review: SCAM or LEGIT?

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Adplexity is the most popular native ad network spy tool used extensively by almost all bloggers, website owners and by everyone who is some way or the other related with earning money through published ads on website, pages or blog.

Adplexity works on a very innovative mechanism which makes the life of bloggers and website owners easier and they can concentrate more on content which comes as a surprise because most of the bloggers and website owners used to invest majority of their time thinking about publishing of well paying ads on their blogs or websites so that they can earn the maximum revenue from their available space on website and work but now they need not waste any time on ads and can simply concentrate on building content and these smaller but important things can be easily managed by Adplexity.

Supported Mobile Formats: Adplexity supports all the Mobile formats like Android, IOS and Windows Operating System.

Support Desktop Formats: Adplexity supports most of the desktop formats like Windows PC, Mac book.

Types of services provided by Adplexity: Adplexity provides the below-mentioned services:

1. Adplexity for Mobile.

2. Adplexity for Desktop.

3. Adplexity for Native Ads.

4. Adplexity for E-commerce.

5. Adplexity for Carriers.

6. Adplexity API.

Role of Spy tools like Adplexity in generating revenue:
 The role of spy tools in the revenue generation is most important because these will filter out only the high paying ads for us and will update about its progress in a tabular form which will be far easier to understand for everyone. In the tabular report, we will get to know about the time periods wherein a certain advertisement was able to get max views or hits and the mobile or desktop platform and source of that advertisement click.

The biggest advantage of this tool is that we can easily spy on our competitors and can see what’s working on them which can help us in planning our budget and saving time.

Reasons to choose Adplexity: Adplexity is a popular choice among bloggers and website owners as they are providing in-depth analysis of our competitor’s performance, from the ads they are publishing to keywords, hidden campaigns running under different ads, landing pages, targeted users, platforms and much more. Adplexity has inbuilt features with which users can get the required data in a matter of few seconds and has its coverage in more than 75 countries which helps it in getting the accurate results which can help the ultimate user in decision making.

Costs and Refunds: Users can take the services of Adplexity just by paying a very affordable $199 per month fee which a user can ask for a refund if he or she is not satisfied with the services in a specified time.

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