5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

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I am sure by now everyone who is reading this knows about YouTube and has wondered why people spend their time creating videos. There must be a reason behind all the time and money they invest in making a fantastic video for people to watch. YouTube videos are entertaining, informative, and can help you learn more about a product you wish to buy. People can spend hours on end watching one video after another on YouTube. But the real question here is why do people create these videos and what do they get for the time and money they have spent?

YouTube is a vast gold mine for many people who have invested in expensive editing software, cameras, and time to create an award-winning video. But how can they earn money from their efforts? That is why we are here and in this article, I’ll explore the ways a person can make money from their YouTube channel. In this article I am not going to tell you about Google Adsense because it seems that everyone knows about this and has used Google Adsense for years. Instead, I’ll explore the other way you can make money from creating videos and uploading them to your YouTube Channel.

5 Ways To Make Money:

Sell Merchandise On YouTube: If you have a branded YouTube channel that people follow and support, this is an excellent opportunity for you to make a killing on YouTube. Many brands are looking for video bloggers to promote and sell their merchandise through their YouTube channel. Many companies hire video bloggers to promote and sell their branded merchandise. Depending on your subscriber base and the video you create will determine how much revenue you can earn. You can work with the company to determine how much they will pay you for the video you create.

If you’re an affiliate marketer and sell many products through your website, YouTube can help you earn more. Creating funny branded videos about the products you offer on your website is a great way to increase your sales. Add the video clips to your website to help entice people to buy the products you’re promoting.

Affiliate Marketing: This is very similar to selling merchandise on YouTube except you don’t need to worry about shipping the products you sell. If you are already selling branded material on your YouTube channel you can add a few affiliate links or products to your channel. Create a video about the affiliate products you are promoting and upload them to your YouTube channel. When a person clicks on the link and buys the product, you’ll earn a commission for each sale you generate

Selling eBooks: Have you ever written an eBook to sell online So many people have written their own eBooks and try to sell them through Amazon or on their website. I am sure you have not considered to market and sell your eBooks on YouTube. YouTube is a great way to increase the sales of the eBooks you have written. Create a video about your book and post it on your channel. Be creative and make an engaging video that will attract people to your channel. Add a link to the book that the person can buy. Sit back and watch your sales increase. YouTube can reach a larger audience if you create a book that people want and need.

Drop Shipping: During the past few years, many people make money dropping shipping branded products to people. This is a simple business model where you offer products through an online store such as Shopify. The person buys the product, you contact the company you are working with, order the product, pay for the product, and the company ships the product for you. In this scenario, you either have a discount to buy the product or you mark-up the cost of the product. You earn money on each product you sell. If you have a YouTube channel selling these same products you can increase your revenue and reach a much larger audience. Again, you’ll need to create an enticing video in order to sell these products.

Sell Online Courses: Create and sell your own online courses through your YouTube channel. With YouTube, you can reach more people and talk about your course. Don’t make the video dry and uninteresting, you’ll never get anyone to sign up for your course. You need to be creative and create a funny video that will make people run to your site and sign up for your course.

As you can see here YouTube is a lot more than just adding Google Adsense to your channel to make a few bucks each month. There are so many creative ways you can make money with a YouTube channel. If you have used YouTube to generate money leave a comment below and tell me how it worked out for you. Let me know what you did on your channel and what you sold or offered.

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