MiningSky Review – Scam or Paying?

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MiningSky is a bitcoin and ethereum mining website where you can earn these coins through cloud mining. This website is new and currently, it is just about 94 days old, but claims to currently have more than 400,000 people mining on it.

How It Works
1. Sign Up on the website to create your account.

2. Choose and buy your mining plan.

3. Start mining and receive your payouts.

The minimum purchase amount of GH/s for mining BTC is 500 GH/s. This should cost you about $12.50 and should earn you $0.07 (0.00001747 BTC) daily, and $2.11 (0.00052410 BTC) monthly, and $25.29 (0.00628920 BTC) yearly, and $50.58 (0.01257840 BTC) in 2 years, all on autopilot without you lifting a finger.

The more GH/s you purchase, the more you can earn daily, monthly or yearly.

The minimum purchase amount of KH/s for mining ETH is 500 KH/s. This should cost you about $3.00 and should earn you $0.01 (0.00005839 ETH) daily, and $0.24 (0.00175170 ETH) monthly, and $2.92 (0.02102040 ETH) yearly, and $5.84 (0.04204080 ETH) in 2 years, all on autopilot without you lifting a finger.

The more KH/s you purchase, the more you can earn daily, monthly or yearly. Obviously you will need to purchase more KH/s here to make it worthwhile.

Keep in mind the earnings depend on the current dollar exchange rate of the currencies

Mining Requirements
Unlike many other mining websites that require you to download a software or probably leave your computer on for mining to go on, there is no software or hardware needed to mine coins. Also, you will not even need to keep your computer on for mining.

Miningsky will mine automatically for you once you purchase your mining plan or hashrate contract. So it is as simple as “put in money and get returns from your investment”.

Payments are made daily. You withdrawals are processed and sent back to the wallet address you used to make a deposit.

Minimum payout is $10 so your earnings in any currency you are mining must be up to $10 for you to withdraw your earnings. That means you will have to purchase more contracts than minimum allowed purchase amount, if you want to withdraw your funds daily.

Is MiningSky Scam Or Paying? 
I know you’ll be interested here. Well let’s find out.

Maybe they are not, but I detected

Some Negative Stuffs
On NetBusinessRating it has a 5/5 star rating from 4 opinions, with some of them showing payment proofs.

Keep in mind it isn’t marked as legit yet from NBR. Instead it is marked as NEW.

This could be understandable because the website is still very new. However, that does not mean that it is not legit.

Moving on, I found out that the 4 opinions were coming from 2 people.

The first person “sudeeprocks007” uploaded a payment proof and then made another comment saying “Legit Website”

The second person was promoting a discount code in his first comment, and second comment was in french which I can’t decipher. This is not enough proof yet for me to believe the website is paying.

On Scamadviser it has a trust score rate of 69% and has unknown reputation probably because it is new.

Other things I found to be negative on this website is, that although the website appears to be https secured, The HTTPS SSL Certificate is not Valid.

The website is hosted only for 356 days. This does not mean it is scam, but it is a sign of a business that is not yet sure if they are gonna last longer, but remember that on their home page, on their earning calculation section, they included earning calculation for 1 year, and 2 years, but then hosted the website for only 365 days. Maybe they plan to renew, but I can’t guarantee that. I think a real business that has determined to stay and be legit will host their website for more years, even for a start.

However, I found

Some Positive Stuffs
They were able to refund immediately a complainer about their website.

They have about 400,000 users already although they are very new.

Alexa ranking is currently 275,209. It shows some good traffic on the website.

It’s pretty hard to to make conclusion here about if this website is scam or not. But I am positive that they are not scam. I think they are just starting out. However, they do have a live chat on their website and you can contact them with some questions, and then examine if they are scam or not, before you make your investment.

Good luck!

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