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To give visibility and credibility, to stand out from its competitors and to make itself known to its customers, every new company needs a logo to better represent his brand. Indeed, the logo gives an identity to your new company and will allow you to convey your values and the brand image of your company. And in the commercial strategy, the logo will allow you to seduce your customers and then allow them to better identify your services and products with other competitive companies that have the same services and products.

You have understood this well. A logo is your company’s identity.
And even if it is not your logo that will promote and sell your services or products, nowadays when competition is hard in almost all sectors of activity, having a logo for your company is more necessary than ever. And it’s not wise for you not to think about it and design one for your company or your blog you’ve just built.
You say to yourself, but yes I know it’s important to have a logo for my company or my website, that’s why I’m here.

How and where can I get a logo for my company or website?
I know your time is precious and you are eager to find out how to get one. So I answer your questions straight away:
To have a logo for your new company or blog to stand out from your competitors, you have 3 choices in front of you:

  1. Order your logo with a freelancer who will create your logo for you. In this case, you will spend money for the service provided, the cost of which will depend on the agreement you both have concluded, and you will also have to wait a few days to get it.
  2. Order your logo from a company specialized in the field (a design studio) that will provide you your ready-made logo. This option will ask you for a substantial budget.
  3. Create your logo yourself with the logo generator sites that work 24/7. So simply to say that you can have your logo at any time and very quickly as you want. This option also allows you not only to create a professional logo yourself but also to have it for free or at an even cheaper price than the other two options. In any case, it is you who are at the command and who decides.

Besides, “we’re only well served on our own”, right?
So if your option is to create your logo by yourself without having to resort to a freelancer or a studio design and you are looking for a website that will allow you to achieve your goal, you are in the right place. Because the purpose of this article is to show you 5 of the top logo free generators website where you can create your own logo according to your preferences without using an external service.
Let’s go and discover them:

Top 5 free online logo generators 

1. Genie logo
Genie logo is a logo generator website that allows you to create your logo easily. All you have to do is to visit the site, enter the name of your company, then choose the sector in which your company operates and logo genie will provide you with a variety of logos to choose. After you have made your choice, you can customize your logo and change the colors and orientations to get a logo that suits your new business. Visit Genie logo here

2. Logaster
With an easy-to-use platform, Logaster allows you to create your logo in just a few minutes. Indeed, just like the previous logo generator, after entering your company name and then your sector of activity, the Logaster logo assistant offers you all kinds of designs that you can choose and customize according to your needs. You can then download it either in JPEG, PNG or vector format (PDF, SVG) for free in small format or pay $9.99 if you want a high-quality logo. You need to sign up to download your logo. Visit Logaster here

3. Ucraft
If you want a logo at your disposal without spending a dollar out of your pocket, this platform will be useful for you. Because with Ucraft, you can create a professional logo easily and download it for free. However, the first thing to do is to register. The platform provides its users with a whole range of icons, texts, colors and shapes that you can simply drag and drop and combine to obtain a logo to your preferences. Visit Ucraft here

4. Online Logo maker
With this platform, you don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to create your own logo and have it at your disposal. You simply have to drag and drop the elements that your logo should contain and manage them according to your preferences. This is my favorite platform when I need a logo because unlike many other online logo generator platforms, Online logo maker allows its users to download their work without having to sign up on the platform. Visit Online logo maker here

5. Designhill
This site allows you to create your own logo for your company or website for free as all the previous ones. Just like in the other previous platforms, you just have to fill in, the name and type of company for which you want the logo, and in just a few minutes Disignhill will offer you a choice of several logo designs to choose. after your choice, you have the possibility to make your logo more professional by editing the colors, fonts, and texts according to your preferences. Visit Designhill here

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