Top 5 alternatives to Fortnite

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Fortnite is the most attractive and popular game at the moment. Indeed, this Epic Games game, Fortnite battle royal offers a wide choice of gadgets and graphics seducing fans and video game professionals. But this game is not the only one in the category of the royal battle. There are alternative games to fortnite that you can find on the market if you want to experience other games like this one.

Here is a list of top 5 alternative to fortnite that might interest you:

1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Available on PC, XBOX ONE, PS4 and Android PUBG is a game like Fortnite developed and released by PUBG Corporation. This game is one of the pioneers in battle royal games that was released in 2017 and still attracts many people who love to playing games. The principle of the game is to place 100 players on an isolated island for a survival battle. It is played in solo or team, where each player is called upon to find equipment such as weapons and munitions to fight against his competitors and be the last survivor.
Just as Fortnite, PUBG allows players to win coins that allow them to pay clothes and gadgets to improve their physical appearance.
However, unlike Fortnite which is free, this game requires an investment of $29.99. Only the Android version is free and downloadable on Apple Playstore

2. Last Man Standing
As its name suggests, it is a game where 100 people are called upon to fight each other and at the end of which there must be only one winner.
It is a game free to play, just like Fortnite, with more similarity to Fortnite. The only difference is that its designer tried to be more realistic in terms of the graphic design of its games. In addition, players do not have vehicles at their disposal to use during this game.
The Culling
However, if you are looking for an alternative game to Fortnite to play without taking a dollar out of your Last Man Standing pocket might be a good choice for you. The game offers an acceptable graphic design and many of the features that a Battle Royal game has to allow you to play in a friendly and fun way. 

3. H1Z1: King of the Kill

Released in August 2018, here the game is played at 150 either solo or in teams (max 5 peoples per team), unlike Fortnite and PUBG which is played at 100. it has all the commodities of a royal battle, but this game differs from others by its simplicity. Indeed, in this game, the player has fewer weapons and gadgets on him, making him lighter. Developed by Daybreak Game Company, the game is available on PS4, Microsoft Windows and is free.

4. The Culling

This royal battle game has the same principle as all other games of its kind but is played at 16. As with any Battle Royal, you will have to fight all your opponents using weapons and other equipment to destroy them and remain alone at the end. By collecting points as the battle progresses, you will have additional skills and abilities that can help you resist environmental risks and stay the course to the end and be the winner.
Unfortunately, just like PUBG, this game requires an investment of $5.99 and is available on PC and Xbox One.

5. Rules of Survival 

Available on Android and iOS, it is a game free to play like Fornite, H1Z1 and Last Man Standing with lots of equipment like weapons, vehicles to move or crush the opponent, etc at the disposal of the players. 
If you are looking for an alternative game to fortnite, Rules of Survival is a very interesting game to enjoy.

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