How To Make Money With 99Designs

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99Designs is a graphic design site for graphic artists. Here companies come looking for new, fresh talent to design a new logo for their company, create a website design, or any other number of graphic designs they might be looking for. You can find a different type of competitions on the website. In some cases, a company is looking for a new design for a tee-shirt. You can find other people who are looking to design a brand new ad campaign for a brand new product they want to release.

This is a very competitive website and graphic designers from around the world join the site to compete in the different competitions that are placed on the site. As a member of the site, you’ll have the opportunity to enter into a multitude of different competitions. Each competition has a set of instructions for you to follow. If you have a great idea for the design the client is looking for, it is possible to draw up your design and submit it to the client.

During the design phase of the competition, the client has the opportunity to work personally with a designer. They might love your design, but want to see a few enhancements or changes made. You can work closely with the customer and give them what they are looking for.

How Do You Make Money?

  • This site works with thousands of designers from around the world. A client will sign up with the site and will create a contest.
  • The contest is opened to all members of the site.
  • Anyone has can create a design and submit their designs to the contest.
  • Designers are given a set of specs to follow when creating their design.
  • Once the design has been completed, you’ll need to upload your design to the content.
  • As a new member of the site, you’ll be limited to 10 contests you can enter in the first 28 days.
  • All designers are free to review all the contests on the site and pick and choose which contents they’d like to enter.
  • Each contest on the site runs for7 days. You’ll have time to work on and submit your design to the site.
  • When the contest closes, the person who created the contest has time to review all the designs submitted.
  • The person who created the contest can pick one or two designs from the ones that have been submitted by the designers. This is up to the person who ran the contest. Normally, they just pick one design.

How Do the Contests Work?

  • A client will create a contest for a design they are looking for.
  • The contest is open for 7 days to give each designer plenty of time to create a design and submit it to the site.
  • On the 6th day of the contest, the client will choose 6 designers to move to the final round.
  • The final round lasts 3 days. At this time the client will work closely with the 6 designers and ask them to modify their design. They will need to be quick and modify their design and re-submit it to the site.
  • The client normally picks the winner of the content on the last 2 days of the contest.

How Are You Paid?

  • When you win a contest, you’ll be paid for your design once you’ve handed it over to the client.
  • The only person who is paid for the contest is the designer that has won the contest and their design has been chosen.
  • All other entries can reclaim their design and they are free to use their idea and redesign their logo or any other design to use again in a different contest or sell their idea online.
  • The winner of the contest will have the prize money deposited into their account.
  • In order to withdraw any funds from the site, you must have a minimum balance of $25 in their account.
  • The company sends your payment through PayPal or Payoneer.

Keep in mind the only way to actually earn money from the site is to create the best possible design and be selected as the winner of the contest. Otherwise, you won’t be paid for your design. It could take months or even years before you are chosen as a winner of a contest. This is a very difficult site to earn money as a graphic designer. I personally feel there are better ways to sell your talents online and not enter into a contest that you can’t win or earn money for your designs.

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