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Backlinks play an important role in your website, SEO, and Google PageRank. Google search engine gages site importance by the number of backlinks. This decides ranking, popularity, and importance of each site. Google voting system: one link from page A to page B equals one vote. Knowledge gained from search engine ranking helped form the SEO industry. Linkspam is common on many websites. Companies try to place as many inbound links to their site as possible. Contents, importance, and original are not important. Companies’ backlinks gain PageRank with Google and other search engines.

Websites employ different SEO techniques to increase the number of backlinks to their site. Free backlinks methods are available for everyone. Other methods like link baiting need more planning and marketing tactics. Some webmasters have stumbled onto link baiting naturally. Sites with ‘breaking news’ are good examples of link baiting. Webmasters will link to the ‘baiting’ site for the interest it attracts and a number of site visitors.

Deciding backlink values used by SEO:

• Authoritative sites on a given topic
• Sites geared towards your keyword topic
• Favorable ‘editorial vote’
• Webpage anchor text

SEO reviews these values when ranking websites. Search engine bots – such as spiders and crawlers – examine the contents used in anchor text. Anchor text decides the relevance it has on page contents. Page content and anchor text play an important role with search engine results page SERP. Search engines rank WebPages based on keyword query searches.

Search engines are revising their trend proponents in hopes to curb linkspam. Currently, inbound links weighted against link popularity and the original context. The transition is reducing the notion of one link equals one vote in SEO.

When building backlinks pay attention that too many backlinks over a short period of time get a website’s ranking penalized. In extreme cases, the websites’ may be deindexed altogether. Anything above a few hundred links a day SEO considers “dangerous”.

Search engines now examine the way they look at backlinks to websites. The search engine now looks for natural links to your site built up over time. It is easy to manipulate links on WebPages for achieving a higher ranking. It is harder to influence the search engines now with too many external backlinks from other websites. The new algorithm examines the backlink building. Examining closely the quality; of inbounds links to websites. One reason for change unscrupulous webmasters received inbounds links from deceptive and sneaky techniques. Hidden links installed which automatically produced links. The sole purpose was to provide inbound links to their websites. Hidden links called “link farms” play no significant role with search engines. Sites linking to link farms will get the site banned.

It is important to receive quality backlinks to your site. This will entice visitors to come to your WebPages. Do not expect to build a website and think that people can find this site without pointing the way to it. One technique webmaster used in the past was reciprocal linking.

The discussion on reciprocal linking has increased. In the last update from Google reciprocal links were one of the new targets for search engines latest filters. Webmasters agreed on reciprocal link exchange to boost their sites ranking for the number of inbound links. The webmaster places the link from another webmasters website on his website in return for the other webmaster placing his link on their website.

Google patient examines the popularity of each site linked to your site. How trustworthy is the site that links to your website? Is your website linking to a trustful site? When linking to a known bad site search engine no longer favor these linking. Pay attention to what sites you link to on your WebPages. Choose relevant sites not filled with tons of outbound links or practice black-hat SEO techniques.

Interlinking multiple web pages from the same IP is bad practice. Avoid linking one site web page to other site pages using the same IP address. Search engines examine the IP address of each link. Search engines do not favor the interlinking of websites. Some webmasters have tried manipulating backlinks linking to other sites with the same IP address. In SEO backlink bombing technique will penalize your website.

When starting a new backlinking campaign keep track of the website’s backlinks to you. Pay close attention to the anchor used on their backlinks. Make sure the anchor text incorporates keywords related to your site. Domain Stats Tool is useful for tracking your site’s backlinks. Backlinks details listed from Google, Yahoo, and MSN. The tool displays other details about your website: Listing in The Open Directory, DMOZ, Alexa, Traffic Rank, number of pages in your site indexed.

Backlink Builder Tool searches for websites that have related content to your product or service. It displays these websites as prospects that might add your link to their website. The tool seeks out related sites by the keyword or keyword phrase you have entered. This will help to simplify the backlink building efforts by supplying you with relevant backlinks to your site and making the job easier.

Quality backlinks raise your PageRank with Google and other search engines. Give high priority to backlinks and anchor text during the design phase of your website. Build natural backlinks to your site. Websites take time to gain popularity and ranking.

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